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Stuff on the Move

By | May 30, 2012

December 7-14, 2011

In early December, I returned to San Diego for an advanced Acro Yoga workshop presented by Jason and Chelsey of the Yogaslackers, and Lux, with whom I had the good fortune to study in Seattle last winter. Of course, I also ran around visiting as many friends as possible. Each day was scheduled densely, and I didn’t get much sleep. And there were still so many friends I missed seeing! By the end of the workshop, I could barely stand. I had both based and flown a lot of new material. But no one else seemed nearly as sore as me. It was only when I woke up the next morning with a fever that I realized I wasn’t just worked over, but sick, too.

Still, there was no time to rest. I was renting a truck to take the rest of my stuff out of storage in Karen’s basement in San Diego, in order to put it in storage in my mom’s basement in Kenosha. My amazing friend Rebecca had agreed to drive back with me! Road trip!

We had reserved a 12-foot truck, which I knew was going to be too large, but it was the smallest one we could get. When we got to the truck rental place, they only had a 16-foot truck for us! It looked so big. Neither Rebecca nor I was thrilled about the idea of driving it over the mountains, or through cities, or at all. Plus, it seemed like it would cost a lot more in gas. At first, they insisted that was the only truck available. They called around a bit and seemed to confirm that. I didn’t have the energy to continue pressing, but Rebecca was insistent. Thank goodness for her!

With her persistence and friendly nature, they seemed to conjure a 12-foot truck out of thin air for us. We rushed over to the Mission Valley location to pick it up. By this time, it was about 6pm. We had originally planned to leave at noon, and we still had to load up the truck at Karen’s.

I’ll spare you the details of getting everything out of Karen’s crawlspace, over a French drain with loose dirt underfoot, then up a flight of stairs and outside in the rain, but we did it, just the two of us.


I only filled up the truck this much. Did I really need this stuff?


We arrived in Las Vegas at about 3am. Our friends Levi and Jaq had left the door open for us, so we tiptoed in and crashed.

We got to visit with Levi and Jaq and their adorable dogs, Deer and Fawn, very briefly in the morning before hitting the road again. We planned on reaching Denver that night. Utah, which is beautiful anyway, was even more gorgeous covered in snow. Unfortunately, it was dark by the time we drove through the mountains in Colorado, but there was an amazing and huge full moon. Everywhere we stopped, we were warned about the coming snow, but the sky and the roads remained dry and clear the whole way. There was definitely snow on the ground already, though, which was fun to play in whenever we stopped.


Yay for snow!!!


It would have been more fun, but I had the worst sore throat I can remember. I sat at dinner trying to figure out how I could eat my soup without swallowing.

In Denver, we stayed with Francisco, an amazing acroyogi who used to live in San Diego. Sadly, the best part for me was that I had arranged a doctor’s appointment in the morning.

I actually felt a little better the next morning, and the quick test at the doctor said I didn’t have strep throat. More Advil, then. I actually ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast without too much wincing.

So far, this hadn’t been the most fun vacation for Rebecca. I was so happy and thankful to have her along. I just couldn’t have done it without her! Even with me dragging along, we were still making pretty good time, so we started looking for places to stop and enjoy.


The Buffalo Bill Trading Post boasted, in addition to a stuffed, two-headed cow, a hand carved miniature version of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. The creator had spent over 20 years carving and painting about 20,000 pieces. It was crazy and wonderful all at the same time. Many of the pieces also moved. Some rotated, and some followed little tracks made out of bicycle chains. It was quite a spectacle.


We also finally stopped at a Weigh Station. The truck rental office had told us we had to stop at them. We were kind of excited to see how they worked! The first several we came across were closed. When we finally pulled into one, we found that they weigh you in motion, so you just keep driving slowly over the scale, and then drive away. It was pretty disappointing that no one came out and talked to us so we could find out more about what was going on. And we’re pretty sure that the people watching us from the office laughed at us as we waved at them from the cab of our truck.

The next one we came across scanned us in some way as we continued to drive in the right lane of the interstate, then gave instructions on a digital sign. It told us we didn’t have to stop.

We took this picture as we parked in the truck area of a rest area. It seems to explain why the Weigh Stations weren’t particularly interested in us.


We stayed at a hotel that night just over the border into Iowa. Rebecca thought she might go out to Karaoke, but I just fell into bed. The next day I got a call from the doctor’s office in Denver. The more lengthy test showed I did actually have strep throat. Next stop, a pharmacy in Iowa!

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